Kelly Stapel, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist






Whether you are in need of a little relaxation, relief from a specific discomfort, or just want some time for you, massage holds benefits for everyone. I pride myself in the ability to listen and construct a session to meet your individual needs.



I practice massage therapy within the philosophy that an individual is a beautiful and complex whole comprised of many different facets. We are not simply a sum of our parts. In addition to our physical composition, we are also emotional, spiritual, and energetic beings. Each piece plays an integral part in how we carry our bodies, and how we feel. While I will certainly focus on that tense shoulder, I also aim to consider the multitude of other aspects that make you an incredibly unique individual. I believe that effective and lasting healing lies within this philosophy.


As a graduate of a Holistic Massage Therapy program, my goal is to address your specific needs while taking into consideration the greater whole of an individual.  I invite you to join me in experiencing the wonderful modality of massage therapy!



804 Salem Woods Dr., Suite 202

Raleigh, NC 27615


NC License # 13220


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